Business Tax Accountants

Business tax accountants help clients prepare taxes for their small or large business. They provide services that include financial plans and long-term management to help businesses manage their day to day financial needs. The goal of every business is to be successful, as in, to make money. But tax Continue Reading

Research and Development Tax Credit for Startups

Research and Development tax credit is available to every business having qualifying research activities. The number of years in business matters (to calculate base period) but that does not mean startups are not eligible to claim R&D tax credit. In fact, most startups perform quite a bit of Continue Reading

Could R&D Tax Credit Benefit Your Small Business?

If you are running your business in Texas; in any of the cities namely Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Fort Worth or Dallas, you can check if your business qualifies for the research and development tax credit. You can read on to find out more about this R&D Tax Credit which was added as part of Continue Reading

Effective Tax Planning and Management to Avoid Penalties

Effective tax planning and management to avoid penalties seems difficult, but it’s actually as easy as A-B-C – well, actually, D-D-D! While the Three D’s ( of tax planning – deduct, differ, and divide – will vary according to your individual and Continue Reading

R&D Tax Credits – An Underutilized Small Business Tax Benefit

The culture of any business can be very well deciphered from the pattern of expenses that it incur and to make the Research and Development an integral part of any organization it is absolutely mandatory that a company spends effectively in R&D avenues. R&D spending does not always turn out Continue Reading