A Part Time CFO May be the Answer to Your Budgeting Questions

At this time of continuing economic uncertainty, most businesses throughout the world, big and small alike, are still looking for ways to cut down on unnecessary internal costs and expenditures. While the work of ‘trimming the fat’ and finding more cost-saving measures without hitting the company’s Continue Reading

Learning about Capital Raising Services

Starting a new business can be very difficult, especially in today’s economy. Depending on what industry you are getting into, you may be facing additional challenges as well. The restaurant industry, for example, is very competitive and many new restaurants fail within the first three years of Continue Reading

Five Things to Consider Before You Open Up a Business

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Why You Should Consider International Accountants

Technology has come a long way in the past while. In fact, so many technological advances and innovations have been made to make running a business easier that they have actually begun to make it a lot more complex. While your business used to be restricted to the location your building is in, the Continue Reading

CFO vs Controller: Understanding the Difference

For the lay person, there is often a lot of confusion around the differences between the CFO, or Chief Financial Officer, and the Controller. In fact, many organizations themselves do not even recognize the difference, combining the two into one role. Let us take a few moments to educate ourselves Continue Reading

CFO Jobs and What Companies are Looking for

Responsible for financial planning and forecasting, strategic planning and advising, CFO’s are relied on to more and more these days, and are often the right hand of an organization’s CEO. Given that, there are many attributes that companies look for in a Chief Financial Officer. Some can be seen on Continue Reading