Why to Hire an Accounting Professional for Small Business

Many people dream of being their own boss and starting their own business, but it takes a lot of work and preparation to start a business. Even when a person can successfully get a business up and running there is not a guarantee that the business will be successful. It will usually take at least a year, maybe even more, before a small business owner will be able to break even from his or her investment and make a profit. Some small business owners may open their business because they have a passion for the product they are trying to sell or the service they are offering, which can be great. The problem is they might not have a good hold of their business’ finances and they might not understand the importance of having proper accounting for small business.

Some small business owners might feel that hiring an accountant is an added expense that is not necessary. At first, this once might think this is understandable, especially if profit margins are quite thin or non-existent. After all, like stated previously, making a profit can be extremely difficult for a new small business especially in this economy. The problem with not hiring a professional accountant is that small businesses still has accounting need. Having someone, who does not have professional accounting for small business experience, whether this is the business owner or someone else within the company, try to sort through the business’s accounts and finances can lead to serious financial complications and hassles.


A reputable and professional accounting firm will have the experience and credentials to help any small business owner understand and take control of their business’s finances. A person who does accounting for small business might be able to see where a business is losing money. The accountant might be able to inform how the business could potential increase their profits. The accountant can also help the small business with day to bookkeeping such as preparing income statements, balance sheets and ledgers.

The other important reason for small business owners to hire someone with professional accountant, instead of trying to manage their business’s finances on their own, has to do with the government. It is said there are only two guarantees in life, death and taxes, and when it comes to any business, they have to pay taxes as well. No one, including small businesses, wants to get audited by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), but it may happen. Even worse than a small business being audited is having the owner try to make sense of all of their financial statements and records when it comes time for an audit. Hiring a professional with accounting for small business experience can help prevent the IRS from auditing the small business, and in the course of an audit can help the small business take the best course of financial action that is available.