Fix My Credit – Step By Step Process

How do I fix my credit? Is there a way to improve my credit score? Do I need to live with a low credit score all my life?

These are genuine questions and concerns of those struggling with poor credit and rightly so. A low credit score can negatively impact a person’s financial health. Your loan applications can be rejected. You can be denied credit cards. Your life can take a hit due to your poor credit score. But there is a way to fix poor credit. A low credit score can just be a temporary setback.

Here is the step by step process that can help you fix your credit.

Hiring a Credit Repair Company

Rebuilding credit requires proper strategies and adequate time. So, it is best to leave this job to the experts. You can hire a reputable credit repair company in your area to expertly handle the situation.

You can search online for such companies. Check the websites of different credit repair companies in your area. Look at their service offerings and process. Check if the contact details and the office address are present on the website. Do you see the information about their work and process properly mentioned on the website? It is best to stay away from companies that do not maintain a proper website or present thorough information for their prospective clients. Do you also see client testimonials on the website? These testimonials can be further validation of a company’s work and can help you identify the right one for your needs.

Reach out to the best credit repair Orlando company for a free consultation.

Scheduling a Free Consultation

Reputed companies know the value of their customers, making an informed choice about rebuilding their credit. So, they are most likely to offer their customers a free consulting session rather than simply selling them cookie-cutter solutions.

You can utilize this session to better understand a company’s process of rebuilding credit, the costs, refund policy, if any, the approximate time frame for the results to show up etc.

Analyzing your Credit Reports

Once you hire a credit report company, the process of improving your credit can begin in earnest. You will need to request a copy of your credit reports from all three credit bureaus. You will be assigned a dedicated credit expert who will work with you. The expert will analyze your reports carefully to identify inaccurate information present on them.

Oftentimes, a low credit score is the result of incorrect information on your reports. These inaccuracies can be about defaulting payments, bankruptcy, foreclosures, and other entries that show up of on your credit reports.

The expert will make a note of any negative or outdated information on your reports that could be lowering your score.

Formulating a Strategy to Fix your Credit

The credit expert will then create a plan about disputing errors on your reports. Cancellation requests for negative or incorrect information are sent to the three credit bureaus. You will need to provide proof to the credit bureaus to support your claim. Your expert will inform you about collecting the bills or proofs in time for the requests to be sent.

Your expert will also explain you other steps that you can take in the meanwhile to improve your credit. If you have outstanding bills; your expert will recommend that you pay them. You can pay your credit card and utility bills to help your score in the meantime. Every little step counts when it comes to improving credit.

Disputing Errors on your Reports

Once your credit expert has all the proofs and paperwork with him or her, letters requesting cancellations will be sent to the credit bureaus. It is entirely possible that a cancellation request is denied and your expert will need to send it once more. Perhaps you will need to furnish more proof. But at most times; the credit bureaus can simply ignore these requests. Disputing errors requires persistent efforts. For this reason, developing a dedicated strategy for disputing errors helpsAs the errors will be corrected on your reports, you will begin to notice improvements in your credit score.