Have Bad Credit? Fix it with A Brief Credit Repair Guide

When you use credit it is very important to do so in a responsible way. If you have found that you have more debt than you can handle and it is affecting your life, you may need some help in repairing your credit by adding authorized user to credit card. This brief credit repair guide will help you to improve it by providing some tips about where to begin fixing your credit.

A Brief Credit Repair Guide

What is Your Credit Score?

The first step to repairing your credit is to know exactly how healthy it is. You should request your detailed credit report with a FICO credit score. It will give you a thorough history of the credit accounts you use. This will help you know if you have any financial debts that you have to take care of to improve your credit score. Also, if you notice anything on your report that seems inaccurate, you should report it to the credit bureau right away.

Contact Your Creditors

The next step to help improve your credit is to call all of the companies to whom you are in debt. The reason for this is to have them explain how to settle your debt with them so it is removed from your credit report. It is important to stick to this payment agreement and pay the debt back on schedule.

Curb Your Spending

Most people need to repair their credit because they have overspent and as a result have gone into debt. You will have to evaluate your spending habits and will have to cut back dramatically on spending to pay back your debt. You should try to avoid using credit and only spend within your means. You may have to make sacrifices to accomplish this goal, but you will feel so much better when the debt is off of your shoulders.

Create a Household Budget

In order to prevent yourself from going into further debt you will need to set up a household budget. You need to account for all of your basic expenses, what you will put into savings and how much you need to pay back to your creditors. It’s important to account for where your every dollar of your income is being spent. Everyone in the household will have to be on board with the budget and stick to the plan.

Keep an Account Active

If you are having a debt problem, your first instinct may be to get rid of what caused it in the first place: credit. It is best for your credit score if you maintain one or two accounts such as a credit card or bank line of credit. This shows that you have active credit and that you are able to pay your bills. If you plan to make any major purchases in the future-such as a house, or vehicle-it is highly recommended that you maintain some active accounts.

Don’t Fall Back Into Old Habits

When you see that your credit score is improving, you may be tempted to use your credit card more often, or to take on another bill, to make a big purchase without saving for it. These are the habits that unfortunately led you into debt and caused your poor credit. Make sure that you spend only what you can afford. It’s also crucial that you pay your bills on time each month (set yourself a reminder if you have to) and pay them in full.

Seek Out a Professional

Depending on the severity of your debt, you may have to consult a professional financial planner or credit counsellor to help you repair your credit. Don’t hesitate to reach out for assistance if you feel overwhelmed with trying to fix your credit issues on your own. It isn’t easy, but a good financial planner can get you on the right path and possibly get you out of debt more quickly.

It may seem like an uphill battle to repair your bad credit. The struggle will be worth it when you are debt free and have a brighter financial future. If you follow the steps outlined above and you contact your creditors, get your spending under control, create a budget and, and continue to use credit sparingly, you will definitely fix your credit.